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Tooth replacement options vary, and partial and full dentures are among the most common choices. We at NorCal Dental Spa, are here to help you decide if dentures are the best decision for you and your unique situation.

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NorCal Dental Spa Denture Instructions

Your gums and jawbone will change over time, causing the fit of your dentures to become less comfortable. If this happens, Dr. Kalia will adjust, modify or replace your dentures to restore a comfortable fit. If you are having denture problems, Book an Appointment today.

Now that you have your dentures (or are about to!) here are some basic instructions to take care of your dentures and become adjusted to them quicker.

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Dentures - The Cost Effective Solution to Missing Teeth

Dentures can transform a smile and typically, this transformation translates to the person as a whole. It’s been noted that those with a “new smile” often look younger by their family and friends.

If you are missing one or more of your teeth, dentures may be the perfect option for you and NorCal Dental Spa wants to be a part of this life-changing journey. Learn more about dentures by Requesting an Appointment!